Digital Events

Live streaming or recording? Time-based module path or single webinar?

Synchronous or asynchronous FAD?

Thanks to new technologies and new formats, we can also reach our audience ONLINE.

In the world of digital events there are possibilities for every need and target audience. DOUBLE EM can help you evaluate the context and objectives and choose the most appropriate format.

DOUBLE EM, thanks to the collaboration with VIDEORA, is in fact an operating partner for those who want to organize courses and corporate events, taking care not only of the content but also the form in which these are transmitted to the public.

The aim is to provide participants with a more carefully crafted image with greater mnemonic and emotional appeal than standard solutions.

We offer not only a technological platform based on the most advanced technologies, EVOLVED VIDEO EVENT, but also an operational support service in all phases of preparation, production and execution.

As organising secretariat and possible provider for CME events, we play a coordinating role between the event stakeholders, setting time schedules and offering support and guidelines for the preparation of the intervention, which must take into account the different needs of the digital event compared to a residential event.

Contact us and we will offer you the best technical solution for the success of your event!

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