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  • I have been working with Double Em for several years for the organisation of medical congresses and have always found professionalism and total availability. This year even more so: Marina Marengo and her staff were able to propose alternative online solutions for an event that otherwise could not have been held: great ability to adapt to contingent needs with personalised and effective solutions. And they are very, very patient!

    Federica Fumagalli
    Federica Fumagalli
  • "We had an outstanding event which was professionally organised OSSTEM World Meeting 2016 in Rome by DOUBLE EM. If we have new event in future, of cause we love to work with DOUBLE EM!!! I would like to say "Thank you all staff of DOUBLE EM for their hard work during event."

  • Dear Marina, It has been a really memorable event for me and our customers.

    John Kim
    John Kim Director DEUTSCHE OSSTEM GmbH
  • In my scientific activity I have had the honour of organising various events at both national and international level. The organisation of high-level conferences with guests from all over the world requires a valid logistic and organisational support. In this activity, I have been able to appreciate the great skills of Dr. Marina Marengo, both on a human level and in managing complex issues. Together with Dr. Marengo, I organised the AOECS International Conference in Genoa from 18 to 21 September 2008 and the International Coeliac Disease Meeting in Florence from 29 to 31 March 2012. In addition, I was able to take advantage of her unparalleled organisational help at various national congresses such as the National Conferences of the Italian Celiac Association (AIC) 2012 and 2013, which I chaired as Coordinator of the AIC Scientific Board.

    Prof. Umberto Volta
    Prof. Umberto Volta Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences - University of Bologna
  • I have worked very well with Marina Marengo in organising various types of educational conferences in the paediatric-neonatal field. Marina pays great attention to detail, has innovative ideas and, above all, has the flexibility to modify programmes during the course of the work when there are last-minute changes. Although she has great managerial autonomy, her professionalism allows her never to override the choices of those who commissioned the event, nor does she ever make decisions without prior consultation. What makes her special is that she tries to satisfy the client first, even when this means extra work.

    Stefano Parmigiani
    Stefano Parmigiani Director of Complex Structure at ASL 5 Spezzino - Director of Maternal and Child Department
  • I attended some events organised by DOUBLE EM and decided to entrust them with the organisation of my medical scientific conference. The precious collaboration, the inventiveness, the constant attention to the smallest details that was put into all organisational phases ensured the success of the conference and great satisfaction from everyone, participants, speakers and sponsors.

    Dr Paola Minale
    Dr Paola Minale Director U.O.C. Allergology - IRCCS San Martino IST - Genova
  • AIC Liguria has entrusted DOUBLE EM with the task of studying a new event for our members. The result was an innovative event, fun and educational at the same time, all studied and organised down to the last detail thanks to the skilful coordination of Marina Marengo.

    Dr Francesco Caso
    Dr Francesco Caso President AIC Liguria
  • I think it is worth highlighting the imagination and innovation put into the care and organisation of medical events.

    Dr Angela Calvi
    Dr Angela Calvi Medical Director UO Paediatrics III - Paediatric Gastroenterology Istituto G Gaslini - Genoa
  • Congratulations on the initiative, as usual well thought out and structured. Knowing the quality of your work, I will propose DOUBLE EM to my colleagues for any organisational needs.

    Dr Maria Teresa Bardella Specialist in Clinical Gastroenterology IRCCS Ca'-Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico - Milan
  • We have been working for many years with Marina Marengo, who has directly supervised the organisation of national and two international conferences. She has always taken care of every stage of the organisation in detail and we are always satisfied with her work and her staff.

    Caterina Pilo
    Caterina Pilo General Manager AIC Group
  • Reliable and competent person. Executes every stage of his work with meticulous care. She is a professional to whom you can entrust a turnkey job.

    Francesco Inzirillo Sales Director Signalling MerMec group
  • We have been working with DOUBLE EM since 2011. We wanted to organise a world meeting, we chose Marina Marengo because of the previous experience of enormous success. We particularly liked her availability, precision, punctuality and above all her reliability. The event was a huge success on a worldwide scale. And it has to be said that organisation was at the heart of everything. Double EM is a guarantee!

    Ilaria Deleo
    Ilaria Deleo Micerium S.p.A.
  • I have worked with Marina Marengo in managing events for my clients. Marina is a serious and competent professional in Event Management, at different levels. She is absolutely well-organised, identifies the priorities of the various projects immediately and achieves the set objectives successfully. She works well in a team, is determined and reliable.

    Roberta Frattini Marketing & Communications / Training Senior Consultant
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