How to organise a perfect event.

Medical and scientific congresses

Organising a conference, meeting or specialised seminar in the medical-scientific field is more complicated than it might initially seem.

This is because even a small mistake can set off a chain reaction that is
chain reaction that is difficult to stop.

To give you concrete support, I have created a practical tool that gives you guidance on
how to make the right choices, planning and promoting your events in the best possible way.

Here is a checklist of 15 Mistakes Not to Make when Organising a Medical-Scientific Event.

Corporate meetings

Company meetings and conventions are events that are becoming increasingly frequent in our society.
The reason lies in their effectiveness as a means of achieving different types of objectives that the company sets itself,
toretain customers and find new ones, to create a productive exchange of information in the sector.

A successful meeting is essential to achieve these goals.
Here is the free guide "How to Organise a Corporate Event"for you.

Guidelines for reopening 

As of 1 July 2021, in-person conferences and congresses will resume.

Physical separation, the obligation to use protective equipment, sanitisation and digital material in preference to paper are some of the salient points reiterated in the "Guidelines for thereopening of economic and social activities of the Conference of the Regions and Autonomous Provinces" updated to 20 May 2021 regarding conferences, events, trade fairs and catering.

A careful protocol to ensure a successful event in safety but finally in presence!

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